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Corporate and conference limousine

  • Corporate and conference limousine provides a service to facilitate the tasks of VIP clients such as businessmen, politicians, artists, athletes and others through a package of distinctive and diverse services that make their trip more comfortable, calm and distinguished and meet all their needs and the needs of their escorts in a distinctive way, and this reflects the accuracy and discipline in punctuality and the application of the principles of comprehensive professionalism in all details to reflect a good image to the guests, the various delegations and visitors by providing with special care, appropriate welcome and distinguished escort to any place until their return to the airport or any other place within the geographical scope of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

  • The Corporate and conference limousine is an ideal choice for the disparate companies and organizations residing and hosting various seminars and conferences to cover the transfers to and from the venue of the events, whether inside or outside the city, in the best possible way, regardless of the size of the event, through a fleet of luxurious cars with multiple features and sizes capable of meeting different needs and achieve various desired goals.

  • The corporate and conference limousine service is also keen to provide a distinguished team of drivers and professionals in dealing with customers with the ability to adhere to an official uniform if requested in addition to their being always ready to provide a helping hand to conference organizers and organizers to make transfers to and from all governorates in complete comfort and absolute freedom without any restrictions or obstacles.

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Corporate limousine services



  • Conference service is concerned with meeting and hosting conference guests, welcoming them, planning and preparing internal tourism programs for them under the supervision of professional drivers who speak multiple languages for easy communication with different nationalities.

Business meetings

  • If you want to go to a conference with your team, the corporate and conference limousine is ready to prepare a procession and supervise your and  your team transfers throughout the conference period and secure your round-trip transportation at the highest level of luxury and safety for you and your team.


Organizing daily round trips to work

  • The corporate and conference limousine service can provide a fleet of cars equipped with the best modern and qualified means to accommodate all individuals, workers and employees of institutions, companies, factories and others…. Etc. and manage their movements to and from work and during transportation operations to meet the various job needs and conduct interviews and agreements related to the requirements and objectives of the work in the easiest way possible and the fastest way, accompanied by a carefully selected team of distinguished drivers.


Save your time in searching for a suitable car to transfer you, your customers, and even your employees to the specified destination. Corporate and conference limousine service has been specially designed to take care of all your transportation and help you achieve your goals safely to get to the destination with the quality you deserve and the comfort you seek easily. There are competitive price offers, and traveling with corporate limousines and conferences has become an unforgettable trip and experience that deserves your trust and to be part of your daily and entertainment programs to and from anywhere in Egypt

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