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Limousine Alexandria

If you are looking for a limousine company in Alexandria to be your means of transportation throughout the Republic in a safe and comfortable manner, you should choose Alexandria limousine. We are doing our best to provide you with the latest cars models and skilled drivers who have experience in all roads with the best prices compared to the prices of the car rental market in Egypt, to create a charming atmosphere for you that makes your journey happy with our high-end and reliable services.

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Limousine Ale Online Company

  • Limousine Alex Online Company for limousine services and car rental can be considered one of the most prominent companies that set the principle of providing limousine services and tourist transportation within the Alexandria Governorate to transfer between the cities of Egypt for individuals, companies and institutions.

  • We provide you with a high quality limousine service. Once you have booked a limousine service, you will find a reliable and professional Limousine Alexandria  crew ready to serve you in a way that will satisfy you.

  • All Limousine Alexandria Company drivers are certified in safe driving, trained to adhere to the scheduled time, and are fluent in several languages for a smooth and fast dealing with all customers from different regions and nationalities, and they have good morals. We will provide you with all the modern facilities that will make your travel times with us a special character that cannot be forgotten.

  • We have a fleet of the latest cars for the most prominent international brands at competitive Alexandria limousine prices that save you a lot. We are working to provide advanced services to all bodies, companies, banks, embassies and hotels that exceed their expectations. We have good experience in this field.

Limousine Ale Online Services

It is every service concerned with renting a car with a driver to transfer a person or a group of people. The term limousine service is usually used for specific types of services.

  • Airport limousine services.

  • Businessmen, VIPs and celebrities services.

  • Wedding services and various events.

  • Private trip service between governorates

  • Pilgrims services.

  • Airport pick up transfer service.

  • Conference and corporate transportation services

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